AnaBio Corporate Overview

Explore our AnaBio range of off the shelf microencapsulated ingredients and how they can deliver your consumers’ needs.

Our team of research scientists collaborate with customers to develop unique new products based on our novel microencapsulation technologies that your consumers will love.

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At the core of AnaBio’s business is our Intellectual property (IP), including 13 patents. We leverage our ever growing scientific knowledge base to partner with innovative clients and create high quality encapsulated products which deliver real and scientifically proven benefits to the consumer.

xplore how our scientific capabilities can help you.

In partnership with our customers we deliver robust technical and commercial solutions to satisfy emerging consumer health and performance needs. Learn about how our scientific capabilities can help you develop a tailored micro-encapsulation solution to your particular consumer.

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With our state-of-the-art production facility, we can bring your ingredient solution from concept to production of a finished ingredient that is tailored to fit your manufacturing process.

At AnaBio we are Irish Innovators pioneering the development and commercialisation of novel food, beverage, sports nutrition and pharma concepts combining our know how in functional ingredients with that of our customers.

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