AnaBio is a technology provider that is focused on commercial offerings of environmentally sustainable, science-based, proven technology solutions for the food, feed and pharmaceutical industries.

AnaBio Technologies LTD. is an innovative Irish company providing micro-encapsulation expertise and contract manufacturing solutions for the stabilisation of food, pharmaceutical and animal health product ingredients.

The mission of AnaBio Technologies LTD. is to develop and commercialise natural food-grade micro-encapsulation technologies. Our core technologies are patented for the stabilisation, protection and targeted release of sensitive ingredients. Applications for our targeted delivery technology include:

Probiotics – Omega Oils – Amino Acids – Sports Supplements – Micro-Nutrients – Peptides – Prebiotics – Nutraceuticals – Enzymes – Minerals – Vaccines – Antibiotics– Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients

Our products have been clinically proven to significantly improve the stability and targeted delivery of active ingredients. AnaBio research scientists in collaboration with our customers and industry advisors are continually developing new commercial applications for our novel micro-encapsulation technologies.