AnaBio is a technology provider that is focused on commercial offerings of environmentally sustainable, science-based, proven technology solutions for the food, feed and pharmaceutical industries.

AnaBio Technologies Ltd. is an innovative Irish company providing encapsulation expertise and commercial contract manufacture for the stabilisation of food, pharmaceutical and animal health products.

The mission of AnaBio Technologies Ltd. is to develop, validate, commercialise and license “DHL” ingredient delivery systems for food, feed and pharmaceutical companies. We call this DHL delivery, getting what you need where you need it when you need it, just like international logistics company.

Formed in 2011, AnaBio has succeeded in working with multi-national companies with product applications for pigs, fish, cows, horses, dogs, cats and humans.

Our core encapsulation technologies are patented for targeted and controlled release of vaccines, antibiotics, peptides, probiotics, nutrceuticals, nutrients, minerals, enzymes, bacteria, cheese cultures and a wide range of sensitive food and sports ingredients.

AnaBio encapsulation systems have proven to be efficient “DHL” ingredient delivery services for the human and animal bodies, alike. In this way, AnaBio can help industry clients to enhance and develop new products with proven, valid claims.

AnaBio product applications include functional food and dairy products, beverages & fruit juices, sports supplements, human, animal and aquatic supplements, infant and toddler formulations, and clinical health supplements.