A new water stable micro-encapsulaton of creatine has enabled the ingredient to be used in a liquid shot for the first time, says Anabio Technologies.

The study found significantly high levels of plasma creatine concentration after trialling new micro-encapsulated forms. The micro-encapsulated forms of creatine are aqua- and acid-stable, meaning, unlike powdered creatine, it does not degrade into creatinine before absorption – “a completely different compound with no benefit to the body,” said Dr Sinéad Bleiel, who led the study.

“Essentially the study showed three things: encapsulated creatine is in fact stable in water and in the final product; it is stable against stomach acid; and it gets into the blood stream,” she added. The researchers found that using this form significantly elevated intramuscular creatine and contributed to gains in lean body mass.

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