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Pharma Industry Awards Shortlist 2018

Congratulations to The Pharma Industry Awards 2018 finalists! The winners will be revealed at the gala awards ceremony on Tuesday, October 23rd, at the Clayton Hotel Burlington Road, Dublin.... read more

Sports nutrition and encapsulation – Dairy Reporter

This week, the Dairy Dialog weekly podcast takes a short trip across the Irish Ocean to look at the work of Dr Brendan Egan, Associate Professor of Sport and Exercise Physiology in the School of Health and Human Performance at Dublin City... read more

AnaBio appoints Dan MacSweeney as Chairman

  Dan MacSweeney has been appointed as Chairman of the Board of Directors of Irish biotechnology company AnaBio Technologies. Dan MacSweeney has served for 25 years as CEO of Carbery Group, an Irish based cheese and food ingredients business. He led the company... read more

AnaBio is delivering in precision nutrition

  AnaBio is rapidly establishing itself in the field of science-driven delivery of precision ingredients. Founder Sinéad Bleiel spoke to Claire O’Connell. AnaBio Technologies is, quite literally, a company that delivers. The 20-strong enterprise specialises in... read more

AnaBio Technologies achieves ISO 9001 certification

AnaBio Technologies has achieved ISO 9001:2015 certification for commercial offerings of environmentally sustainable science-based proven technology solutions for the food, feed and pharmaceuticals industries. The company was assessed and certified by Certification... read more

Journal of Dietary Supplements

Plasma Creatine Kinetics After Ingestion of Microencapsulated Creatine Monohydrate with Enhanced Stability in Aqueous Solutions Michelle Hone , BSc, Robert M. Kent , PhD, Alessandro Scotto di Palumbo , PhD, Sinead B. Bleiel , PhD, Giuseppe De Vito , MD, PhD &... read more

AnaBio looks to dairy for encapsulation

AnaBio Technologies Ltd. is an Irish company providing encapsulation and commercial contract manufacture for the stabilization of food, pharmaceutical and animal health products…. Read the full Article... read more

Research Innovation Awards

AnaBio Technologies Ltd. – Research Innovation Awards in association with the American Chamber of Commerce Ireland and the The Royal Irish Academy.   Read the full article here:... read more

Effective Microencapsulation for Infant Formula Markets

Dr. Robert Kent of AnaBio Technologies discusses truly effective microencapsulation for infant formula markets in the life stages theatre at Vitafoods Europe. Thermal Protection of innovative ingredients for added functional effects and product versatility... read more

AnaBio Making waves in Innovation

AnaBio Making waves in Innovation   AnaBio Technologies scoops graduate business innovation award A technique using milk proteins and other biomaterials to create capsules that can protect and deliver sensitive ingredients to a target site has won the Ignite... read more

AnaBio proud to have links with UCC

AnaBio proud to have links with UCC IGNITE sparks entrepreneurial spirit and the future is looking bright: AnaBio wins Cork Chamber Emerging Company of the... read more

Positioning Ireland as a Global Innovation Hub by 2020

AnaBio’s own Stefan Buzoianu will be presenting “Encapsulation for ingredient optimisation in food, feed and pharma” at the 2016 Research and Innovation Conference & Exhibition on the 3rd March 2016 in Croke Park. Innovate Ireland Website Stefan... read more

RTE Science Squad 15th November

Dr. Sinéad Bleiel of AnaBio will appear on RTÉ’s 10 Things To Know About tonight at 8:30pm. Dr. Bleiel will be discussing how encapsulation technologies are revolutionising the stabilisation and protection of food, pharmaceutical and animal health products against... read more

Winner of Emerging Company of the Year 2014

Dr Sinéad Doherty, Founder & CEO, AnaBio Technologies The Emerging Company Award was presented to Dr Sinéad Doherty, on behalf of AnaBio Technologies. Dr Doherty said, “I am thrilled and honoured to receive this Award on behalf of our team at AnaBio. In such a... read more

Encapsulating Nutrients with Pea Protein

In consideration of the often artificial and expensive methods for encapsulating nutrients, AnaBio Technologies Ltd. (Dublin, Ireland) is ready to commercialize a food-grade alternative in pea protein encapsulation. The technology is currently available for licensing... read more


One of AnaBio’s greatest achievements involves the development of cost efficient encapsulation systems using natural, food-grade, low-cost materials with no artificial additives, excipients or agents. Hence, AnaBio provides bespoke scientific ‘know-how’ and novel ingredient delivery systems for industry clients seeking to access new markets or planning product upgrades. At present, AnaBio is working with milk and vegetable proteins, hydrocolloids, fibres, prebiotics and plant extracts to generate innovative capsule systems. To date, AnaBio has formulated patented encapsulation systems using UHT milk, proteins (vegetable and dairy), citrus fibres, prebiotics, pectins, carrageenans and alginate mixtures.

Awards & Nominations

Emerging Company of the Year 2014
Bank of Ireland IGNITE Company of the Year 2013
Outstanding Person of the Year 2013
Cork Person of the Month (August) 2013
Finalist for Emerging Company of the Year 2013
Finalist for Cork Person of the Year 2013

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