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One of AnaBio’s greatest achievements involves the development of cost efficient encapsulation systems using natural, food-grade, low-cost materials with no artificial additives, excipients or agents. Hence, AnaBio provides bespoke scientific ‘know-how’ and novel ingredient delivery systems for industry clients seeking to access new markets or planning product upgrades. At present, AnaBio is working with milk and vegetable proteins, hydrocolloids, fibres, prebiotics and plant extracts to generate innovative capsule systems. To date, AnaBio has formulated patented encapsulation systems using UHT milk, proteins (vegetable and dairy), citrus fibres, prebiotics, pectins, carrageenans and alginate mixtures.

Awards & Nominations

Emerging Company of the Year 2014
Bank of Ireland IGNITE Company of the Year 2013
Outstanding Person of the Year 2013
Cork Person of the Month (August) 2013
Finalist for Emerging Company of the Year 2013
Finalist for Cork Person of the Year 2013

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