Dr. Robert Kent of AnaBio Technologies discusses truly effective microencapsulation for infant formula markets in the life stages theatre at Vitafoods Europe.

  • Thermal Protection of innovative ingredients for added functional effects and product versatility
  • Stabilisation of the micronutrient profile of baby foods and milks for effective label claims
  • Process optimisation and rising affluence of emerging markets and opportunities
  • Truly effective micro encapsulation for infant nutrition

It has long been acknowledged that breastfeeding is the gold standard in infant nutrition. In instances where breastfeeding is not an option or desirable, infant formulae act as substitutes. Manufacturers of infant formula are increasingly adding bioactive compounds (natural ingredients that benefit human health) to their products in order to more closely resemble breast-milk.

Many of these bioactive compounds, such as probiotic bacteria and fatty acids, are susceptible to degradation during processing, storage and consumption. Microencapsulation has emerged as method to protect sensitive ingredients during these processes. AnaBio Technologies Ltd. uses patented techniques and food-grade materials to gently and effectively generate microbeads containing bioactive ingredients.

Our methods also allow for targeted delivery of these ingredients, such as release of probiotic bacteria after passage through the hazardous environment of the stomach, in the lower gastro-intestinal tract where they can exert their benefits on the host.

AnaBio Technologies Ltd. approaches allow manufacturers to add value to their products via inclusion of stabilised and protected bioactive compounds. These approaches represent a benefit to manufacturers by reducing the amount of bioactives required for a health benefit, and also benefit the consumer by ensuring the functionality of the product.

Robert Kent studied Microbiology at University College Cork, Ireland before undertaking his postgraduate studies with Teagasc Food Research centre, Moorepark. Here his research primarily focused on methods to improve the microbiological safety of powdered infant formula.

In AnaBio Technologies Robert’s main role is to develop encapsulation methods to stabilise and improve the functionality of sensitive bioactive ingredients. He is particularly interested in using encapsulation to improve the viability of probiotics in powdered infant and follow-on formulae.