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What is EnCaptZing™

Using Anabio’s patented technology, EnCaptZing™ utilises different protein matrices, that are suitable for vegetarian and vegan consumption, to protect Curcumin. The protein matrices in EnCaptZing™ and Curcumin are both highly hydrophobic molecules creating a synergistic effect endorsing Curcumin uptake and bioavailability in the body, benefiting both the consumer and formulator. EnCaptZing™ Curcumin micro-capsules provide enhanced human health effects.

Importance of Antioxidants

Dietary antioxidants are important as they fight against oxidative damage2, while providing additional health benefits. Oxidative damage or stress can be caused by Reactive oxygen species (ROS) (naturally occurring free radicals), which promote the aging process and development of degenerative diseases. Habits of a poor-quality lifestyle (unbalanced diet, cigarette smoking, alcohol, etc.) also lead to an increase in ROS production.

EnCaptZing Micro Encapsulation
EnCaptZing Micro Encapsulation

Turmeric extract– Curcumin:
The Antioxidant solution for the future

Turmeric extract (Curcuma longa) is a yellow-coloured spice from the root of the Turmeric plant. The main bioactive compound of Turmeric, Curcumin, belongs to the polyphenol family and is expected to show the highest growth in the global antioxidant market.

EnCaptZing’s™ Advantages

Enhanced water dispersibility & wettability

EnCaptZing™ provides enhanced Curcumin dispersibility and wettability, enhancing Curcumin bioavailability, creating a range of new product applications, reducing formulation issues and prep times for consumers and formulators alike.

Enhanced chemical stability

EnCaptZing™ provides enhanced resistance against pH degradation providing Curcumin stability to a range of foods above neutrality. This buffering effect directly impacts Curcumin bioavailability and enhances industrial application for EnCaptZing™.

Enhanced oral bioavailability

EnCaptZing™ Curcumin micro-capsules have proven, enhanced dispersibility, pH and enzymatic resistance. When consumed, Curcumin remains readily dispersed throughout the gastro-intestinal tract and subsequently is readily bioavailable. This characteristic is attributed to the innovative micro-encapsulation method used by AnaBio.

Thermal resistance

Although the health benefits of turmeric are well recognised, due to its high Curcumin content, many of these benefits are lost during the cooking process. AnaBio’s micro-encapsulation significantly improves thermal stability, preserving the benefits of Curcumin, even when fortified into cooked foods or production processes that require high temperature.

Storage Stability

AnaBio’s ingredients provide the necessary protection for Curcumin, and a suitable nutritional supplementation based on the incorporation of specific micro- and macro-nutrients. EnCaptZing™ Curcumin micro-capsules have proven stability, at a high load and high bioactivity (tested using the industry standard i.e. ABTS assay), for long term storage under refrigerated conditions.

According to the Commission Regulation (EU) 10/2011, microcapsules were kept at 40 °C, 75 % RH for 10 days, to simulate a long storage. EnCaptZing™ Vegan and Vegetarian micro-capsules has shown robust and significant protection during these conditions.

Taste masking

AnaBio’s micro-encapsulation technology provides an array of opportunities inclusive of flavour-masking (against bitter tasting or pungent products) and enhancing product applications for Curcumin that have not been previously recognised. Preliminary sensory data has shown a dramatic taste-masking effect using EnCaptZing™, relatively to the industry standard

Curcumin Applications

EnCaptZing’s™ technological enables market expansion through new opportunities in area such as; supplements, ready-to-drink products, and beverages. Some new product applications EnCaptZing™ is specifically beneficial in include, low pH beverages, highly-fortified drinks/shots and sports applications.


Regular moderate exercise is considered beneficial against oxidative stress, however, an extreme aerobic-anaerobic training can increase the generation of ROS. As a result, the consumption of antioxidant supplementation has sharply increased in the recent years 3.

Antioxidants with high content in polyphenols, as Curcumin, are more effective for the recovery following exercise. More specifically, muscle damage induced by extreme exercise can be attenuated by Curcumin4, which appears to be an ideal antioxidant for sports recovery.

EnCaptZing Micro Encapsulation

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AnaBio’s target delivery systems

OPTION 1: AnaBio’s property drying technology

  • Particle size < 300 µm
  • Excellent flowability
  • Superior protection against light-O2/thermal/enzymatic degradation
  • Suitable for food and supplement fortification
EnCaptZing Micro Encapsulation
Figure 1. Light microscope micrography at 50X magnification of Curcumin microcapsules obtained by AnaBio’s property drying technology.

OPTION 2: AnaBio’s alternative drying technology

  • Particle size < 100 µm
  • Excellent flowability
  • Advantageous protection against light-O2/thermal/enzymatic degradation
  • Suitable for food and supplement
  • Suitable for beverage formulations
  • Enhanced solubility
EnCaptZing Micro Encapsulation
Figure 2. Light microscope micrography at 50X magnification of Curcumin microcapsules obtained by AnaBio’s alternative proprietary technology.


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EnCaptZing Micro Encapsulation

AnaBio has generated “platform” technologies that with a proven track-record for broad spectrum market introduction of commercially viable, value-added encapsulation systems. This allows AnaBio clients to penetrate value-added niche markets in an economical cost-efficient manner.

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