AnaBio Technologies LTD, an Irish food ingredient company has developed a novel “clean-label” micro-encapsulation probiotic brand, known as EnCaptimus™. Using only high quality, natural raw materials, such as dairy or vegetable proteins, micro-capsules laden with high levels of probiotics can be generated in a reproducible way for market and regulatory compliance.

At AnaBio, we welcome the opportunity to serve your micro-encapsulation needs by using our EnCaptimus™ technology to protect and stabilise probiotics in a range of products. EnCaptimus™ acts as a barrier to the outside world, keeping friendly probiotic bacteria safe against heat, pressure, oxygen, light and various environmental stresses such as acid or alkaline conditions. When our micro-capsules reach their target site in the body, they gently release probiotics in a natural way, according to normal digestion processes and this helps probiotics to provide their benefit to mammals for better health and well-being.

Commercialisation of Infant Nutrition Research

AnaBio’s EnCaptimus™ technology ensures that probiotic bacteria incorporated into infant formula, survive the production process, heating of the baby bottle and subsequently arrive alive in sufficient numbers to colonise the intestine and ensure the infant develops a healthy microbiome (per WHO directive 2007).

As researchers have gained an understanding of the importance of the gut microbiome to infant health and development and the influence of breast milk on the evolution of the gut microflora , infant formula manufacturers have sought to add probiotics to their formulations. However, in order to influence the microbiome the probiotics must arrive alive and in sufficient numbers to colonise the gut. Infant milk formula processing and  storage, reconstitution in hot water, and passage through the infant’s stomach all reduce the viability of probiotics.  AnaBio’s EnCaptimus™  technology protects the probiotic bacteria against these challenges ensuring they reach the intestine in a viable state.  EnCaptimus™ provides significant benefits for the manufacturer and customer alike inclusive of :

  • Enhanced product performance
  • Improved production yields
  • Longer product shelf-life
  • Significant reductions in production and raw material cost

EnCaptimus™ Infant Nutrition Advantages 

Process Intensification

Various processes suffer from probiotic losses due the production of biproducts and heat that compromise the quality of the probiotic bacteria and finished product. Hence, EnCaptimus™ can enhance process yield to avoid any unnecessary losses and the need to overdose to compensate.

Improved Product Yield

Some ingredients, by nature are not compatible and thus cannot be delivered together in the same product. This is true for probiotic and iron, and probiotic and antioxidants, for example. EnCaptimus™ can separate/ partition probiotic from other formulation ingredients, within the capsule and allow of the stabilisation of the final product in addition to ingredient delivery to the specific body targets for health benefits i.e. iron and probiotics have detrimental effects on one another in dietary supplements and infant formula.

Natural, GMO-free encapsulation material

Companies manufacturing probiotic products are seeking to replace synthetic encapsulation materials with natural ones, such as proteins. These companies represent a strategic customer base for AnaBio since they are key enablers for the replacement of existing synthetic-based encapsulation technologies. In infant formula, this is also a key criteria since the ingredient listing are very strict for this catefory. EnCaptimus™ utilises the proteins already present in infant formula as the encapsulation agent for probiotics. Hence, the label declaration does not need to be modified when EnCaptimus™ is fortified into the product.

Improved Shelf-life

Due to the instability of ingredient such probiotics, the shelf-life of many infant formulas are compromised due to cell losses over time. This represents a disadvantage for industry since retailers exercise pressure to deliver longer shelf-lives. Through encapsulation, probiotics are stabilised against oxidation in order to prolong their life in the final infant formula. Hence, the quality and value of EnCaptimus™  will help global distribution to manufacturer compliant and stable infant formula without the need for overdose.

Guaranteed content

In industry, functional foods in particular, products are saturated with a specific ingredient to compromise of the losses expressed during processing or storage. This is true for probiotics where by 100 billion cells are mixed into a product in order to achieve final cell counts of 10 million after processing. This overload has fast become standard practice in industry due to the fact that regulation require specific product features i.e. cell counts at the time of consumption. EnCaptimus™ has the ability to safeguard ingredients i.e. probiotics against heat losses and allows for more efficient dosing. This results in a saving for the manufacturer.

Targeted Delivery

The modern day parent is seeking more and more benefits from their infant formula product and hence, this puts more pressure on the manufacturer to generate novel ingredient functions. Bio active ingredients are shown to have a health benefit; however, they need to reach a specific place in the body to elicit an effect. EnCaptimus™ acts like a chaperone to target probiotic bacteria to the systemic target to enable successful delivery in the human body.

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Micro-encapsulation – what is it?

Micro-encapsulation is a novel, innovative, natural method that can be used to protect bacteria from the stresses of the world, specifically associated with production, storage and consumption. Micro-encapsulation is a process that surrounds a liquid, solid or a gas with a protective membrane. This provides a protective shield to ensure optimum utilisation of valuable ingredients. It can be used to produce tiny capsules, that require a microscope to visualise, containing living probiotics that can be included in food products without impacting product quality, taste or texture.

Microscope image of AnaBio’s encapsulated probiotics

Microscope image of AnaBio’s encapsulated probiotics

What are probiotics and their benefits?

The human gut is home to 100 Trillion micro-organisms, called intestinal microflora. Some of these organisms, known as probiotics are good bacteria that support a healthier digestive and immune system. However other bacteria can be harmful to human health, our well-being and we need to avoid these “invaders” in our diet and daily lives. A robust and growing body of scientific evidence increasingly suggests that certain illnesses can be avoided or treated with probiotic bacteria. The World Health Organisation (WHO) defines probiotic bacteria as “live microorganisms (bacteria or yeasts) that when ingested or locally applied in sufficient numbers confer one or more specified demonstrated health benefits for the host”. The explosion of knowledge and research in the realm of the human microbiome has further fuelled this area of research. Probiotic bacteria must be alive and active in sufficient numbers when they reach their site of action (usually the systemic target of the mammal, the large intestine or colon) to benefit the consumer

Microscope image of AnaBio’s encapsulated probiotics

Microscope image of AnaBio’s encapsulated probiotics

AnaBio has generated “platform” technologies that with a proven track-record for broad spectrum market introduction of commercially viable, value-added encapsulation systems. This allows AnaBio clients to penetrate value-added niche markets in an economical cost-efficient manner.

What is the current industry trend?

Probiotics can be administered as a dietary supplement in the form of a pill or powder and can be incorporated into food products to increase their health benefits. Many probiotic products are refrigerated to keep the product alive. The sensitive and volatile nature of probiotic is the key factor responsible for this limited range of delivery formats and need for refrigerated storage.

What are the problems that need to be solved?

As probiotics must be alive and viable in sufficient numbers, their incorporation into food products is restricted, dependent on processing and shelf-life requirements of the final food product. Unfortunately, many manufacturing processes used in the food industry drastically affect the survival of these probiotics. Drying, heat and storage can lead to massive losses in the levels of living friendly bacteria. The stomach is a major hurdle to the successful delivery of probiotic bacteria, it is a very harsh acidic environment and is one of the bodies key defence mechanisms. It performs an important function, protecting the body from outside invaders however it also has a drastic effect on the survival of probiotic bacteria.

What does EnCaptimus™ protect against?

AnaBio has performed a plethora of experiments to validate the benefits of the EnCaptimus™ platform for probiotic bacteria. Thermal processing such as pasteurisation and Ultra-High Temperature (UHT) treatments are common place in the food industry, particularly with regard to liquid products. UHT processes target the nasty food spoilage and pathogenic bacteria while the ‘good’ bacteria are kept safe and sound. EnCaptimus™ allows for the inclusion of probiotics prior to heat-treatment due to the protective effect conferred by the micro-encapsulation process. Following inclusion in a liquid product, EnCaptimus™ micro-capsules remain intact and do not interfere with the product matrix. Using this process, the probiotics remain dry and dormant and do not interact with the food product, which increases shelf-life stability. This phenomenon broadens the portfolio of products that can be now fortified with probiotics (including liquid foods for ambient storage conditions and gummy products). EnCaptimus™ micro-capsules protect against:

Microscope image of AnaBio’s encapsulated probiotics

AnaBio’s protein matrices used for micro-encapsulation

  • Heat stress during product manufacture

  • Pressure during industrial processing

  • Extrusion during product formulation

  • Temperature stress during storage

  • High moisture content in final products

  • Stomach acid & enzymes

How can EnCaptimus™ help?


  • Extend/Improve probiotic stability during long shelf-life
  • Maintain probiotic viability during challenging / environmental conditions
  • Allow targeted, timed-release probiotic delivery for enhanced probiotic gut performance
  • Prevent unwanted ingredient interactions in a product i.e. iron vs. probiotic
  • Maintain nutritional value


  • Novel, innovative, natural micro-encapsulation platform to enable clean label branding;
  • High efficiency and production precision to ensure regulatory compliance and accurate product dosing
  • Protective barrier against processing stress i.e thermally treated products (UHT)
  • Delivery of consistent, reproducible high yielding production process

What ingredient benefits does EnCaptimus™ provide for the end customer ?

  • Natural, patented-protected, ingredients available in vegan friendly format
  • Versatile for a range of product applications include ambient shelf -stable liquids, gummies, bars, gels, infant nutrition, sports powders, fortified fruit trail mixes and waters
  • Kosher, Halal and organic status available if required
  • Tailored micro-encapsulation solutions built upon scientific expertise and backed by proven clinical data and regulatory certifications
  • Characterised by excellent powder properties to enable better blending in final end product applications
  • Highly stability ingredients with extended shelf-life for better transport and handling
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AnaBio enhances existing products or develops new products for food, feed and pharmaceutical industries with proven claims for improved health and well-being for their target market.

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