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ActiveTR Caffeine is a breakthrough technology that enables controlled release of taste-masked natural and synthetic caffeine sources for better sports performance. AnaBio’s Micro-encapsulation technology is a solid barrier to the outside world to mask the bad flavour of caffeine and enable its release to the body in a controlled ‘time-release’ manner, for enhanced performance and recovery

ActiveTR Caffeine Micro Encapsulation AnaBio Ireland

Why is ActiveTR Caffeine Superior to Other Products?

  • ActiveTR Caffeine is a protective encapsulation technology that improves the effectiveness of oral caffeine supplementation for improved athlete performance, and product acceptance.

  • Controlled release of ActiveTR Caffeine kinetics improves muscle recovery after high intensity exercise training

  • Taste-masked ActiveTR Caffeine allows for better enjoyment and ingredient versatility

  • Targeted delivery of Caffeine in natural or synthetic formats enables better muscle recovery post workout

  • ActiveTR Caffeine has better sensory characteristics for improved texture, aroma and taste

  • ActiveTR Caffeine dose is delivered in a highly efficient manner at 0.2mg per kg of body weight

  • ActiveTR Caffeine microencapsulation technology eliminates risk associated with degradation and bitterness of caffeine in beverage

  • Controlled release caffeine improves alertness and concentration

  • ActiveTR™ slow release technology enhances bioavailability of caffeine in the blood for maximum sports effects

  • Encapsulation technology offsets the effects of muscle soreness and pain

  • Slow release caffeine helps improve endurance training regimes for longer periods of time.

  • Risk of caffeine induced gastrointestinal disturbances or stomach upset are eliminated

  • Increased product versatility and convenience

  • ActiveTR™ powder characteristics allow for better dosing, portability and diversity in nutritional regimes

ActiveTR Caffeine Micro Encapsulation AnaBio Ireland

What is Caffeine?

Caffeine is a chemical that is found in certain leaves, seeds and fruits in over 60 plants worldwide. It is the world’s most common drug! The most common sources are coffee, tea leaves, cocoa beans, cola and energy drinks. This white, bitter-tasting substance was first found in coffee in 1820. Caffeine is widely used throughout the world and found in commonly consumed foods and drinks including tea, coffee, chocolate as well as sports supplements.

Caffeine Consumption

Caffeine consumption is generally regarded as safe (except when very large amounts – over 600mg – are consumed regularly) and with a range of potential health benefits. The average person consumes about 250-300mg of caffeine per day!

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ActiveTR Caffeine Micro Encapsulation AnaBio Ireland
ActiveTR Caffeine Micro Encapsulation AnaBio Ireland

What Effect Does Caffeine Have in the Body?

Caffeine is metabolized in the liver and has a half life of 3.5-5 hours (there is a large individual variation in how quickly we break down caffeine). This means that after 5 hours, half the original amount of caffeine consumed remains in the blood.

Structurally caffeine is very similar to adenosine, a compound that is very biologically active in the human body, meaning that caffeine can reach all cells and systems and interact in various ways, including energy production, hormone release, mobilization of fatty acids, dilation of blood vessels. Caffeine can also alter fuel use in some people, breaking down adipose tissue and mobilizing fatty acids to be burnt as energy.

How does caffeine help sports performance?

The primary way in which caffeine influences sports performance is through its effect on the central nervous system (CNS) due to the ability of caffeine to cross the blood-brain barrier. Stimulation of the CNS leads to increased alertness, wakefulness and awareness as well as enhanced mood.

Can caffeine help reduce sorenesss and pain?

Caffeine can also have a pain reducing effect, with the brain interpreting feedback from the muscles as less painful in relation to the workload.

What is the problem with Caffeine?

  • Tastes Bitter

  • Strong flavour masking needed

  • Consistent effects can be problematic

  • Gastrointestinal stress

  • Jitters and body disorientation

  • Adverse sensory affects on various products

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Using Caffeine to boost performance

How much ActiveTR Caffeine is needed?

ActiveTR Caffeine can influence positive performance effects from doses of 0.2-1mg / kg body weight. Ingesting more than 3 mg / kg body weight does not appear to provide further performance benefits. ActiveTR Caffeine in small doses can have quick and powerful results.

When is the correct time to consume ActiveTR Caffeine?

There are various scenarios when ActiveTR Caffeine can have an effect, including:

  1. Before the race or competition starts.
  2. When fatigue starts to set in.
  3. Small frequent intakes throughout an event.

Other ActiveTR benefits:

ActiveTR™ Caffeine has the possibility to support the recovery nutrient absorbtion process. Research shows promise that caffeine may also aid in the recovery process by improving blood flow and speeding uptake and delivery of nutrients. This improved recovery process has been speculated to also assist in athletes immune function capacity – which is well known to be depressed immediately after a hard workout or competition.

ActiveTR caffeine vs other delivery methods such as foods/drinks?

Caffeine consumed in the form of foods or drinks must be digested before being metabolized and absorbed. Generally it is metabolized fairly quickly – reaching the bloodstream in 15-20 minutes with peak blood levels occurring around 45-60 minutes after consumption. However for some people this can take as long as 2-3 hours. But taken in the form of ActiveTR Caffeine, an encapsulated material, means that you can experience the effects of caffeine in a more sustainable, slow release way, with no taste, at a man ageable doses over time. Hence, ActiveTR caffeine provide the slow release encapsulation mechanism to alleviate bad taste and enhance effects of caffeine over time.

ActiveTR Caffeine Micro Encapsulation AnaBio Ireland

ActiveTR Caffeine Benefits for Each Sport

Endurance Sports – lasting 1-3 hours

These sports have the greatest weight of evidence for the use of caffeine as an ergogenic (performance boosting) supplement. ActiveTR Caffeine can be taken either before the start of, or spread out during the event, especially as fatigue starts to set in.

Ultra-endurance races – lasting 10-48 hours.

As for endurance sports, ultra-endurance events have good evidence for the beneficial effects of caffeine and ActiveTR Caffeine is ideally suited due to the recommendations for regular dose intervals throughout the event. It is also worth noting that for ultra-endurance (and endurance) athletes, gastrointestinal (GI) complaints are common. ActiveTR Caffeine is proven to have no GI discomfort or taste. Traditionally caffeine has been pointed out as being a major contributor to the increased risk of these episodes of GI distress. Orally absorbed caffeine, such as that delivered by ActiveTR Caffeine have proven to eliminate GI complaints during caffeine use, while still providing the performance benefits.

Endurance Sports – lasting 1-3 hours

Option 1: Pre race consumption – One ActiveTR Caffeine dose (80 mg) taken 30 mins prior to race start.

Option 2: One ActiveTR Caffeine dose (40 mg) taken post race.

High intensity sports – lasting 1-30 mins.

In these types of sports it is most practical to take caffeine before the race. Because ActiveTR Caffeine is characterised by slow release technology, this can be consumed prior to the start of the event or in the 30 mins prior to take advantage of peak bloodstream levels with consistent effects during the race. Because of the amount of caffeine in one ActiveTR Caffeine dose (80 mg) , this can be safely administered with slow release effects for sports where multiple rounds or heats and finals are competed in throughout the day.

Team and ball sports – stop and go sports:

These sports are most likely to be contested over a period of 30-90 minutes, with different players participating for varying amounts of time. Depending on limitations such as access to sidelines, breaks in play etc will also determine best practice for the timing of caffeine intake. In most cases intake would be in the 30 minutes prior to start of competition, ActiveTR Caffeine in these types of sports will provide boosts to endurance capacity as well as ability to concentrate on tactical play and skill maintenance as fatigue sets in.

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ActiveTR Caffeine Micro Encapsulation AnaBio Ireland

AnaBio has generated “platform” technologies that with a proven track-record for broad spectrum market introduction of commercially viable, value-added encapsulation systems. This allows AnaBio clients to penetrate value-added niche markets in an economical cost-efficient manner.

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