AnaBio Technologies has achieved ISO 9001:2015 certification for commercial offerings of environmentally sustainable science-based proven technology solutions for the food, feed and pharmaceuticals industries.

The company was assessed and certified by Certification Europe, confirming that processes and procedures are implemented to deliver products and services that meet customer needs and regulatory requirements, and highlights the desire for excellent performance, continuous improvement and customer satisfaction.

Founded in 2011, AnaBio is a successful company in the area of biotechnology and has been demonstration through several filed patents the uniqueness of its technology.

Dr. Sinéad Bleiel, AnaBio’s CEO said: “This is a great achievement for the AnaBio team and management. The certification was achieved in less than 6 months, compared to an average of 18 months. This accreditation will allow AnaBio the gain further traction on the global market for commercial exploitation of our encapsulation technologies ”.