AnaBio is rapidly establishing itself in the field of science-driven delivery of precision ingredients. Founder Sinéad Bleiel spoke to Claire O’Connell.

AnaBio Technologies is, quite literally, a company that delivers. The 20-strong enterprise specialises in developing ingredients that can get to where they need to be in the body in an effective manner, be it a probiotic strain of bacteria or an amino acid to aid muscle recovery after a workout. 

Dr Sinéad Bleiel, founder and CEO, initially built AnaBio from her PhD work at Teagasc, Moorepark and University College Cork. In just a few years, the precision nutrition enterprise has gone from strength to strength.

“Essentially the study showed three things: encapsulated creatine is in fact stable in water and in the final product; it is stable against stomach acid; and it gets into the blood stream,” she added. The researchers found that using this form significantly elevated intramuscular creatine and contributed to gains in lean body mass.

Encapsulate this

It all started with Bleiel’s work in Teagasc on using whey protein derived from milk to encapsulate probiotic bacteria. Why? To safeguard the bacteria against the rigours of waiting on the shelf, and protect them as they passed through the hurdles of the mouth, stomach and small intestine.

“That technology was used to deliver probiotics to specific places in the body,” explains Bleiel. “We got in vivo data showing we could deliver to the right place.”

The research led to her setting up AnaBio to develop precision ingredients for the food industry, and things took off. “We got some customers on board and we haven’t looked back,” she said. The enterprise now has 20 employees across three locations, a dozen patents, ingredients in 11 products on the market and more than 60 clients, including multinationals.

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