Published in the Business Post – 30-04-17

AnaBio is a tech provider focused on commercial offerings and sustainable solutions for food, feed and pharmaceutical industries.

Founder Sinéad Bleiel said the company was self-funded. “It was self-funded and after 18 months or so, we got a grant from Cork County Council,” she said.

“That meant we were able to bring scientists on board and take the company to the next level.”

Its products include food and dairy products, beverage and fruit juices, sports supplements, human, animal, and aquatic supplements, formulations for children and clinical healthy supplements. Founded in December 2011, its aim is

“to develop, validate, commercialize and license” ingredient delivery systems. It has succeeded in working with multinationals with product applications for pigs, fish, cows, horses, dogs, cats and humans.In the coming 12 months, it will be expanding production and staff numberss “Everything is unique and patented which requires a lot of staff. It’s really exciting,” said Bleiel.