AnaBio and Sustainability

AnaBio Technologies is a dynamic Irish Company and are always thinking outside the box to become more environmentally friendly and focused on sustainability.

AnaBio and Sustainability
AnaBio and Sustainability

Explore our sustainability initiatives below for more information.


Staff are encouraged to use
re-usable or re-cycled materials when bringing food and beverages on site

The use of single use wrapping is discouraged 

Hot beverages are consumed in re-usable or travel mugs.

Coffee containers can be returned to the supplier and re-used, while coffee grinds are used as compost in the external green areas.

Re-usable glass and plastic is used in the laboratory, where possible.

All applicable materials are recycled.


Multiple green areas around the building, with a large diversity of plants and flowers helping to encourage local biodiversity and survival e.g. honey bees. These also contributes to the reduction of carbon dioxide in the air.

AnaBio Technologies has over 30 plants in an open office space which produce oxygen, offsetting any CO2 released creating a cleaner healthier space for staff to work in.

Employee Engagement 

AnaBio Technologies is always engaging staff members in team building exercises

A running/walking club has been set up by staff members to encourage more activity and awareness of the local surrounding.

AnaBio is constantly looking to enhance staff members productivity by encouraging a healthier work life balance.

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