Microencapsulation Centre of Excellence for Functional Ingredients

Here at AnaBio Technologies our state-of-the-art production facility is dedicated to the commercial production of microencapsulated functional ingredients for a range of applications such as sports nutrition powders, health supplements, meal replacements, food, beverages, animal feed and pharmaceutical products. Examples of some commercial ingredients that are micro encapsulated here at our micro encapsulation centre of excellence are probiotics, creatine and vitamins. Our facility incorporates a specialised air flow system, rigorous zoning, water purification and additional hygiene features to ensure product manufacturing to the highest possible standards providing our customers with the best  quality  functional ingredients for their applications.

By combining our research expertise with the top-grade design, processes, and equipment here we deliver quality nutrition products tailored to your needs. We have a production team and facility with the ability to manufacture our off the shelf commercial microencapsulated products with very efficient lead times and to the highest quality possible. We also manufacture bespoke products at our facility based on the specific requirements of our customers. We are FFSC 222000 certified and take pride in the quality of what we are supplying to our customers. The FSSC 22000 certificate proves that an organizations’ food safety management system complies with the Scheme requirements. FSSC 22000 is bench marked by the Global Food Safety Initiative. All of our manufacturing is currently done in house so we have the ability to ensure that all our products are kept to the same high quality standards we expect.

For more information on our microencapsulation capabilities contact us by phone or email. Contact details are below.

“The AnaBio Production Team has built on many years of dedicated experimentation, research and prototype development to design and commission our microencapsulated ingredient manufacturing facility to the most demanding quality standards.” – Chief Production Officer

AnaBio Production Facility
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