Our Business Model

At AnaBio we pride ourselves on our flexibility and therefore offer clients a number of business models for functional ingredient solutions to satisfy the widest possible range of requirements. Clients frequently move through these models in a sequential fashion, alternatively one particular model may suit a client.

AnaBio’s 4 basic business models are as follows:

Research Project

The client scopes out a Contract Research Project with AnaBio, typically to address a client challenge or opportunity. This frequently takes the form of a Proof of Concept project resulting in the development of a sample of a few hundred grams based on the client’s functional and composition requirements. Occasionally a more complex set of supporting data may be required up to and including animal and human trials.

Scale Up

Once the client is happy with the performance of the microencapsulated ingredient, they may progress to the next commercialisation step involving scale up of production. This will typically involve the manufacture of 3 consistent kg volume batches with all the associated Quality and Regulatory documentation.

Ingredient Supply

We can supply customers with commercial quantities of a bespoke product developed specifically for them or an off the shelf AnaBio developed microencapsulated ingredient such as, Encaptimus probiotics or Active TR vitamins. We provide two commerical strains of probiotics depending on the customers application for example, encapsulated Bifidobacterium Lactis for UHT beverages or Lactobacillus Rhamnosus for snacks or gummies.


Some clients wish to bring the manufacturing of an encapsulated ingredient under their control. In this case AnaBio offers the opportunity to licence the technology to do so. As AnaBio’s microencapsulation technology is patented, it is possible for the client to incorporate a degree of competitive protection into a Technology License.

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