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We are specialist micro encapsulation company based in Cork, Ireland focused on improving the functionality of ingredients for food, beverages, sports nutrition, medical and animal feed companies. Being a B2B company we collaborate with clients to design, develop, and produce ingredients that enable our customers to deliver innovative, scientifically robust, products with proven benefits to the consumer. Microencapsulation involves coating sensitive functional ingredients with a microscopic layer to masks unpleasant tastes, improve dispersion in liquids and protect against a wide range of environmental conditions including heat, moisture, and oxygen. This allows food and beverage manufacturers to create new to the world innovative and unique consumer products that also deliver real health benefits. We collaborate with our clients through contract research, commercial supply of microencapsulated ingredients, and licencing of our patented technology. Research, Development, and Innovation is the core of our business, focussing on delivering customer research projects, generating application and clinical data to support our clients and products, and developing new encapsulation processes which our engineering team scale up to commercial production. We combine your application and consumer knowledge with our technology for proven, innovative solutions for functional food, UHT beverages and sports nutrition supplements to improve health.

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Here at AnaBio, we are proud to have an incredibly innovative and hardworking team who are dedicated to delivering our customers with the best products possible. We offer B2B solutions by successfully encapsulating a wide range of functional ingredients including probiotics, vitamins, caffeine, creatine, leucine, vegetable proteins, oils, and antioxidants. These encapsulated ingredients are incorporated into beverages, supplements, sports nutrition gels and powders, gummies, infant formula, bread, and a wide variety of snacks. Our key focus is on probiotics because when they are added to food and beverages, large numbers of the live friendly bacteria die due to harsh environmental conditions, giving the consumer none of the desired health benefits. AnaBio’s patented micro encapsulation technology protects them against challenges such as heat during processing, oxygen and moisture during storage, and the acidic conditions of the stomach. We only use natural ingredients such as dairy and vegetable proteins in the micro encapsulation process. This ensures clean labeling and offers encapsulated versions of well researched, safe GRAS approved probiotic strains that are supported by peer-reviewed published clinical studies. Our micro encapsulation technology allows food and beverage manufacturers to ensure their probiotic products deliver real health benefits to consumers, reduce overdosing, and create new to the world products such as UHT treated beverages with live probiotics. Check out our products page to see some of our off the shelf ingredients or give us a call to discuss any other ingredients you wish to consider.

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