AnaBio and Sustainability

AnaBio Technologies LTD, following significant growth since its foundation in December 2011, moved to a new site 2017. The official open day was held on March 26th 2017.

Our broad industry experience and application know-how solidifies AnaBio’s position as a leading global micro-encapsulation production and consultancy company. By mastering various techniques and methods, AnaBio has successfully micro-encapsulated >75 different active agents. AnaBio is experienced in handling products, from concept to commercialisation involving validation, pilot scale-up and commercial manufacture of finished ingredients in an economical and cost-efficient manner. Our research and manufacturing team has a proven track record of producing high quality results for bespoke commerical applications. AnaBio’s advanced research and development capabilities use numerous methods and technologies to strengthen our customer’s product applications. Even though we focus on manufacturing of bespoke micro-capsules, we have a fully functional Centre of Excellence and research laboratory to initiate the concept to commercialisation process. Using many creative micro-encapsulation techniques, we provide high quality micro-capsule production and research consultation services for a wide variety of customer needs.

AnaBio and Sustainability

Figure 1: Comparison of the average CO2 emissions by staff members on their journeys to and from work at the previous location in Fermoy and the current location in Carrigtwohill.

AnaBio’s initial growth and success was as a result of an innovative use of waste milk products generated by the Irish Dairy Industry. Significant advances in dairy research have allowed Irish Scientists to understand the benefits of the many components present in milk. It was with this knowledge that an advanced patented system of micro-encapsulation was developed by the CEO (Dr. Sinéad B. Bleiel) which led to the beginning of AnaBio Technologies Limited in 2011. The company utilises waste dairy and other vegetable based ingredients to confer stability on valuable bioactive ingredients such as probiotics, antioxidants oils and various bitter active components.

Recycling, re-use and waste minimisation

Since moving to our new site in 2017 every effort has been made to minimise the amount of waste generated by the company:

AnaBio and Sustainability

Where possible staff are encouraged to use re-usable or re-cycled materials when bringing food on site e.g. glass containers and lunch boxes that can be washed and re-used. The use of single use wrapping is discouraged. Hot beverages are consumed in re-usable mugs or travel mugs. Additionally, a water filtration system was installed in the canteen for drinking water and staff are encouraged to use re-usable drinking containers. The coffee used on site is supplied and stored under nitrogen in pressurised containers. These containers can be returned to the supplier and re-used thus, reducing waste entering landfill. In addition, the coffee grinds generated from the freshly ground coffee is a rich supply of nitrogen for the flowers planted in the external green areas. These grinds are sprinkled around the flowers to assist their growth. Thus, capturing waste nutrients that would otherwise be entering landfill. AnaBio Technologies use re-usable glass and plastic in the laboratory, where possible. Additionally, recyclable materials in the laboratory and canteen are disposed of in the relevant recyclable bin which is collected by a local service provider.

In this digital age AnaBio has opted for a Irish green-friendly office supplier and staff are requested (where possible) to limit the printing of work. All company policies and standard operating procedures have been transferred onto this online systems and printing of this is discouraged. Logistics has also set up online systems for shipments and deliveries, where possible. Currently several service providers have moved to paperless operating systems and when paperless options are available logistics transfers over. These steps have been implemented to reach a goal of being fully paperless by end of 2019.

Use of “Green” suppliers of materials

Bulk shipments of materials and finished ingredients are carried out using recycled and re-usable drums (where possible). The main ingredients utilised in the process are waste ingredients from dairy sources. These are sourced locally or within the EU where possible however, on occasion it is necessary to utilise ingredients outside of the EU. AnaBio makes every effort to ensure that the ingredients used are manufactured in a sustainable manner.

Recent additions to the AnaBio portfolio include the innovative use of citrus fibres obtained from the waste of orange juice manufacture which contributes to 20 tonnes of global waste annually. Also fish proteins obtained from the waste of omega oils production has also been added. Currently, fish waste is primarily dumped into the sea resulting in a reduction in oxygen and subsequently the generation of greenhouse gases. AnaBio is looking to build on its previous success with waste milk proteins to allow the company to add value to these waste products by utilising them as food ingredients thus assisting in the reduction of industrial food processing waste.

AnaBio and Sustainability

Bio-diversity/improving natural habitats

AnaBio and Sustainability

During the upkeep and maintenance of external green areas bordering the building, new plants and coloured flowers were planted. Given the proximity of the facility to agricultural land it is hoped that these plants and flowers would encourage local biodiversity and survival e.g. honey bees. These also contributes to the reduction of carbon dioxide in the air. This clean air and green surroundings allow staff to sit outside during breaks and enjoy the colourful environment before returning to the office refreshed.

AnaBio has +30 plants in the open office space. This supports the air quality in the work environment as plants produce oxygen, offsetting any CO2 released making a cleaner healthier space for staff.

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Energy and/or water efficiency

The areas in which staff reside are temperature regulated using thermostatically controlled systems. These are on a timer allowing the building to maintain a constant temperature. Over the last twelve months it has allowed the company to maintain comfortable temperatures and a pleasant working environment while being efficient in energy usage.

During the renovations in 2017/2018, AnaBio management emphasised the need for natural light in the workspace of the office and Laboratory. The World Green Building Council reports that employees working near sunlit windows have a 15% higher production rate since natural light sets the body’s circadian rhythms, which control awakening, falling asleep, synthesising vitamin D and aiding digestion. It is a general rule that workstations must be within 8 metres of peripheral walls with windows. AnaBio adapted this recommendation in an attempt to reduce the need of lighting but additionally to create a healthier environment for staff which is the primary goal.

Minimising traffic/use of vehicles

The location of AnaBio in Cork, Ireland, guarantees ease of access for shipments of materials and deliveries of raw materials. Its location on the outskirts of Cork city ensures all traffic entering the site is not using unnecessary fuel while stationary in traffic. Additionally, the location on the N25 Cork to Rosslare Harbour route allows shipments to be organised easily and efficiently with haulage companies. Also, the AnaBio site is conveniently located close to Cork airport and the port of Cork allowing more energy efficient options for shipments of goods.

Community involvement cooperate citizenship and support for the local economy

Social gatherings occur regularly as a way for employees to unwind and create a good team spirit. These social gatherings take place in the local area to contribute to local employment. Furthermore, when clients visit the site all lunches are sourced from approved local suppliers therefore, allowing the company to give back to the local economy. Also, when clients are brought to dinner local Irish establishments are selected. This not only reduces the need to travel, reducing CO2 emissions, but also showcases the beauty of Cork. The local farmers Market is promoted within the company and all staff are encouraged to visit regularly. Staff walk to the location while meeting staff members from different companies within the park.

Efforts to support the training, safety, diversity, health and engagement of your staff

AnaBio is always looking at new ways to engage staff members in team building exercises. This is done to encourage a healthy environment and a sense of team spirit. A running/walking club has been set up by staff members to encourage staff members to become more active and additionally become more aware of the local surrounding. These activities have been shown to enhance staff members productivity by encouraging a healthier work life balance in addition to ensuring the mental health and well-being of staff is maintained.

AnaBio and Sustainability

AnaBio Technologies is a dynamic Irish Company and staff are always thinking outside the box in research and also to become more energy efficient. The company has a strong collaboration background and works with different companies, nationally and internationally, to develop innovative solutions for re-using valuable waste materials that may otherwise be polluting the environment. In doing so AnaBio has grown and been able to adapt different measures to allow the company to become greener but also assisting clients to re-use materials allowing them to meet their own “green” objectives. AnaBio is continuously striving to improve its “Green Culture” through sustainability innovation and continuously learning from those around us nationally and internationally.

AnaBio has generated “platform” technologies that with a proven track-record for broad spectrum market introduction of commercially viable, value-added encapsulation systems. This allows AnaBio clients to penetrate value-added niche markets in an economical cost-efficient manner.

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