Microencapsulation Centre of Excellence for Functional Ingredients

Here at AnaBio our state-of-the-art production facility is dedicated to the commercial production of microencapsulated functional ingredients for a rang of applications such as sports nutrition and health supplements, food, beverages, animal feed and pharmaceutical products.

Our facility incorporates a specialised air flow system, rigorous zoning, water purification and additional hygiene features to ensure product manufacturing to the highest possible standards providing all our customers with the best ingredients for their application.

“The AnaBio Production Team has built on many years of dedicated experimentation, research and prototype development to design and commission our microencapsulated ingredient manufacturing facility to the most demanding quality standards.” – Chief Production Officer

AnaBio Production Facility

By combining our research expertise with the top-grade design, processes, and equipment here we deliver quality nutrition products tailored to your needs. For more information contact us by phone or email. See details below.

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