Intellectual Property

Intellectual property (IP) epitomises AnaBio’s core business asset whereby patents and IP are licensed to industry clients within food, feed and pharmaceutical industries. In this way, AnaBio’s contract production and consultancy services represent an auxiliary yet essential element to help clients achieve their strategic goal i.e. technology validation and commercialisation in the area of micro-encapsulation.

Dr. Sinéad Bleiel and the AnaBio team has developed, tested and commercialised a portfolio of patented technologies in order to extend AnaBio’s commercial platform both nationally and internationally. Hence, the mission of AnaBio involves the generation of bespoke Irish technologies through the development of novel intellectual property (i.e. patents and trade secrets) for further licensing to industry partners from food, feed and pharma industries.

AnaBio  is offering attractive licensing and/or acquisition opportunities. Please contact to discuss AnaBio’s patent portfolio related to the use of bioactives and sensitive ingredients in food, feed and pharmaceutical industries.